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Annual Halloween Parties

Annual Halloween Parties
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2015 Annual Pet Halloween Party

October 30th, 2015 marked our 14th annual Halloween party here at Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic, and we had so much fun. The dogs (and even some of the pet owners) came dressed in their scariest and imaginative costumes, ready to mix and mingle. Some of the costumes included a hotdog, a sea monster, a skeleton, and a lady bug! Our costume contest winners impressed everyone with their adorable ensembles. Our winners included a Labrador dressed as a lion, a sweet Chihuahua dressed as a prison guard, and a Miniature Poodle dressed in a poodle skirt. Everyone looked amazing! Thank you so much to everyone for making this Halloween party a smash.


2012 Annual Pet Halloween Party

This year we had an amazing turn out for our Pet Halloween Party. As you can see from the photos, we had a blast! The party fell on Trick or Treat night so we also had a great turnout of kids stopping by for candy and to see all the costumed pets. Our pet costume contest winners included a tiny Yorkie in an army outfit and riding in an army jeep! This year Dr Harper even brought her new dog, Antonella, to the party. Antonella didn’t know what to make of all the dogs in costumes, since she was a street dog from Ecuador and is new to these funny U.S. dogs in Halloween costumes.


2011 Annual Pet Halloween Party

Halloween 2011 was a year for our staff members bringing their toddlers to the party for the first time. We had a blast with kids and pets in great costumes. We also had a veterinarian visiting from Venezuela and we convinced him to dress up like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Check out the photos!


2010 Annual Pet Halloween Party

Every year we are amazed at what creative costumes our pet parents come up with for their furry children! We all love to see our favorite pet patients in this fun setting and celebrate with everyone!


2009 Annual Pet Halloween Party

We had a stupendous turnout for our Halloween party this year and so many great pet and people costumes! Our favorite was the pit bull dressed like the naked cowboy (except he had on briefs)…check out the photos!

2008 Annual Pet Halloween Party

Another great Pet Halloween Party at Hyde Park Vet Clinic this year! We had many colorful pet costumes and too many great costumes to pick just one winner. Dr Harper and Dr Mueller’s parents even drove from Marco Island to be part of the festivities with their 2 dogs dressed as butterflies. We had a huge Great Dane and a tiny chihuahua and every size dog in between this year, along with loads of trick or treaters.


2007 Annual Pet Halloween Party

This year our Halloween Party invitation and party photos feature Dr Mueller’s handsome dog, Frankie. He posed like a movie star and was rewarded with the “cover” of this year’s invite.


2006 Annual Pet Halloween Party

The annual Hyde Park Vet Clinic Pet Halloween Party was a big hit this year. We had a great turnout and lots of original and hilarious pet costumes. One of the favorites was a big black and white dog dressed like the “Chik Fil A” cow with an “Eat More Chikin” sign.


2005 Annual Pet Halloween Party

What a great party this year! Each year more and more costumed pets make an appearance and our Pet Costume Contest gets better and better.

2004 Annual Pet Halloween Party

The Pet Halloween party was a blast this year with a huge turnout of Bulldogs! Our staff really got into the Halloween spirit and dressed up too. We had a huge turnout of kids and pets and celebrated in style!

2003 Annual Pet Halloween Party

A great time was had by all at the Hyde Park Vet Clinic Pet Halloween Party this year. A local reporter even came to the party and took pictures and put us in the newspaper! There were dogs of all sizes in all kinds of amazing costumes. We even had bulldog puppies come in a baby buggy!